About Us

The mission of the all-volunteer Friends of Boothe Park is to honor the legacy of the Boothe Brothers, to advocate for the preservation of their vision for the Park and Museum, and to ensure the Park’s long-term viability and sustainability for the benefit of present and future generations.

We do this by raising funds, coordinating volunteer efforts, stimulating interest and encouraging support for the perpetuation of the Park and Museum as an historical, natural, and cultural asset of the Town of Stratford and the State of Connecticut.

Boothe Memorial Park is managed and maintained by the Town of Stratford. The Friends of Boothe Park work in collaboration with the Town. We provide oversight of the Museum buildings and collections on behalf of the Town, and manage the Museum function. In addition to these basic functions, we:

  • Offer fall and spring educational programs to local school children, around the theme of life on a 19-century farm;
  • Maintain the Museum Collections and plan/implement exhibits;
  • Sponsor an annual May Opening Day for the public;
  • Offer seasonal tours of the Museum buildings and artifacts;
  • Provide demonstrations (spinning, weaving, blacksmithing);
  • Run two special fundraising events: ‘Christmas at the Homestead’ in December, and ‘Hats Off to Roses’ in June;
  • Maintain the formal Rose Garden, as well as other smaller gardens on the property;
  • Sponsor other periodic historical and cultural presentations;
  • Publish an electronic Newsletter of our activities; and
  • Participate in Town-sponsored events at the Park, including the October ‘Great Pumpkin Festival,’ and the June ‘Open Museums Day.’
  • The structure of the Friends of Boothe Park includes the governing Board of Trustees and its Officers; the Council of Lead Volunteers, under the direction of the Board President; and a body of volunteers who undertake all of the activities of the Friends at the Park, under the direction of a Head of Volunteers.

We are a membership organization. Membership fees, along with donations and occasional grants, provide important operating support and funding for special projects.

Over the years since its inception, the Friends of Boothe Park organization has contributed in excess of $500,000 of its own funds in support of special projects, such as the full restoration of the Miniature Lighthouse, Trolley Station, Ice House, Out House, Organ House, Blacksmith Shop, the addition of the formal Rose Garden and restoration of its Fountain, the interior restoration of the Summer Cottage, the installation of the Merritt Parkway Toll Boothe Plaza, the complete renovation of the interior space of the Clocktower Museum and repair of its Bell Tower, the conversion of an Old Barn into a new Visitor Center, and the refurbishing of exhibits and adding signage to the Park – to name a few.

The Friends of Boothe volunteers donate an average of 6,000 hours per year, which is valued at $200,000 per year. Over the past 49 years of our existence, this amounts to $7,800,000, in today’s dollars.

We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations to the Friends of Boothe Park are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please join with the Friends in our group’s mission to restore, preserve, promote and protect Stratford’s most beautiful and unique Town park.